Bracile Set


The Bracile Set is both the Bracile Hat and Bracile Cowl and was designed for the second Curious Handmade Country House Retreat.


The Bracile Set is knit from the magnificently luxurious Arranmore yarn from The Fibre Company, which combines cashmere, silk, and fine merino wool. Rugged in character but deliciously soft to the touch, this aran weight yarn draws from the colours of wild Irish coastlands and the homespun tweed industry of 19th century Donegal.

Both the hat and cowl can be made from 2 skeins of Arranmore


“The inhabitants of Arranmore are still persuaded that, in a clear day, they can see from this coast…the Enchanted Island, the Paradise of the Pagan Irish, and concerning which they relate a number of romantic stories.” — Beaufort’s Ancient Topography of Ireland.

Mysterious, romantic, and lost in the mists of time, the phantom island of Bracile appeared on maps as far back as 1325. For those who lived on the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, this island represented an escape from crushing everyday cares.

The Bracile Cowl was designed for the second Curious Handmade Country House Retreat, honouring that sense of a place where work and worries melt away. This is a generous, cuddly cowl which will keep you toasty even on a wintery Irish day by the coast. Easy ribbing offers warmth and beautiful texture, while the distinctive cable accent references a magical island just coming into view.


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