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The Luminary Socks are the first pattern in the Handmade Sock Society Season 3. You can purchase the whole mystery collection ebook here!

When we’re lost, we follow the stars. When we’re weary, we hope for a light at the end of the tunnel. When we’re full of joy, people say that we light up a room. When we want to create something, we search for the spark of inspiration. Even in a brilliantly illuminated world, where every corner of our lives glows with street lamps and high beams and the blue radiance of our computer screens, we are still drawn to the light. Heavenly bodies, people who are stars in their field, a candle burning in a window to guide a lonesome traveler home: the luminary shows us what’s possible. It shows us the way.

The Luminary Socks are a meditative knit, a reminder of our own creative light. A sparkling path of star stitch and cables runs along the front and top of the foot, with plain, relaxing stockinette on the back of the leg. The  knit from the top down and finished with a heel flap, gusset, and a rounded toe. The Luminary Socks pattern includes three sizes, and is easy to adjust to your own preferred heel and toe finishes so you can find the perfect fit.

Ever since we human beings began trying to explain the world to ourselves, we have looked for—and found—meaning everywhere. We hear messages on the wind and see shapes in the clouds. We read stories written in the stars. We can walk into a room and somehow instantly understand what’s going on, without saying or hearing a single word. A hum of anticipation. An excitement that travels like a ripple through our awareness. It’s something in the air. It’s the atmosphere.

Call it a scientific name like pattern recognition. Call it something spiritual, like intuition. Call it a kind of magic. This ability of ours to pluck meaning from the world is the root of all creativity. Creativity might seem like something drawn out of thin air, but it’s much more ordinary and wonderful than that. Part observation, part imagination, it’s about being present and open to our senses, our experiences, and the atmosphere around us

The third Season of the Handmade Sock Society explores that atmosphere and the stories of those who have found enlightenment and meaning there. The first astronomers fathoming the skies, intrepid explorers forging new paths up unconquered mountains, long-ago alchemists extracting elixirs from obscure ingredients, and modern-day knitters summoning beauty from nothing more than sticks and string and symbols of a page: all of us are engaged in the same work of meaning-making. All of us are capable of more than we know.

The Handmade Sock Society Season 3 is a pattern subscription club inspired by the many meanings of atmosphere and the creative quest. The six secret sock knitting patterns in the collection are ideal for any knitter who is obsessed with (or wants to fall in love with) hand-knitted socks, appreciates a bit of suspense, and enjoys creating along with other enthusiastic makers. The first pattern of the series will be released in February 2020, and then there will be another pattern release every month until July. There’s never any pressure to “keep up” with the crowd, and our relaxed knit-along schedule is designed to give knitters of all skill levels and knitting speeds a relaxed experience.

Whether you’re a newish sock knitter or a seasoned pro, these patterns will have something to offer. The difficulty hovers between “intrepid beginner” and intermediate. There will be interesting stitch patterns, a touch of lace, and maybe a little cable or two, but nothing confounding. And of course, if you’re ever at a loss, our warm and welcoming knitalong community is always available to help, encourage, and cheer you along the way. So take a deep breath and a good look around. Stare up at the stars. Soak up the atmosphere. There’s so much to discover.

Pattern Release Schedule:

Tuesday, February 25th
Tuesday, March 24th
Tuesday, April 21st
Tuesday, May 19th
Tuesday, June 16th
Tuesday, July 21st
Here’s what you need to know:

Membership in The Handmade Sock Society 3 grants you access to six stunning knitted sock patterns which will be released one every month until July.

The patterns will remain completely exclusive to Society members until the session ends.

The Handmade Sock Society 3 collection is available at a special early bird price for just a short time.

The early bird price for the collection is £9.95 (+ applicable VAT for EU countries – Ravelry automatically adds this in). This includes all SIX sock designs and works out to less than half price of the patterns individually.

The early bird ends when the first pattern is released and the regular price will be £15 (+VAT for EU countries)

All the designs are written for fingering weight/4 ply/sock yarn, so this will be an excellent stashbuster for many!

If you do want to treat yourself to new yarn or just want some inspiration, I will post yarn spoilers on Ravelry before each pattern is released so you can shop or stash dive to find the perfect yarn for your socks.

The patterns are all for knitted socks. Most will be confident beginner level but one or two will require more intermediate skills.

The patterns will be written in the Curious Handmade Percentage Checklist Pattern™ format and I will include charts for lace.

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