The Whole World is a Garden


Published in The Shawl Society 3


The Whole World is a Garden is the sixth and final pattern in The Shawl Society Season 3
For both the Ribbed Colour C sections
ie rows 105 – 114 and rows 133 – 152 it should be:

WS rows should end yo, p1, k2 (and not yo, k3 as it says)

Also it should be a “twisted rib” so on the RS the k1 should be ktbl and on the WS the p1 should be ptbl

Also in row 108 and 112, 136, 140, 144, 148, 152 it should be:
WS K2, p1, yo, ptbl, k3, ptbl to 1 st before marker, p1, sm, ptbl, k3 to last 4 sts, ptbl, yo, k3
(ie the first and last stitches of the body after/before the border yo should be ptbl instead of k1)
“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.“

If there is one quote that sums up everything I feel about The Secret Garden, this would be it. And once again it comes not from the book, but from the film. It just goes to show what an amazing job those artists did, distilling the magic of that book into another piece of art that was entirely new and equally beautiful. That’s something I am privileged to watch on a smaller scale when I see knitters making their own gorgeous, unique works from my patterns. It reminds me that creativity is something alive, something that dances from one mind to another, something that grows when it is shared. Ultimately, creativity is a kind of love, and love is inherently creative.

That’s the message of The Secret Garden, I think. At least, it’s the lesson that stays with me. I think it is a story about love and friendship, a story about changing your life with little acts of hope, and a story about watching your world blossom when you have the courage to do and grow. It reminds us that we have the power to change anything, no matter how locked up, dead, and hopeless it may look at first sight.

Our final pattern this season is my tribute to this beautiful story and the magic it contains. The Whole World is a Garden shawl is a generous triangle shape, knit from luxurious light fingering yarn. A delicate lace leaf detail at the top sets the mood for a peaceful but interesting project. The bold stripes in three colours introduce bands of texture and simple lace: a reference to the pathways set out throughout a garden in bloom. It is finished with a deep ribbed border to anchor the design.

193cm (76”) diameter across top edge
71cm (28”) neck to bottom edge

Nature’s Luxury Farouche 65% Silk, 35% Camel, 400 m/437 yds per 100g skein, 3 x 100g skeins,
Colour A: Jumping Salmon
Colour B: Dragon Tongue
Colour C: Chinchilla

Actual yardage of fingering weight yarn used:
Colour A: 65g or 260m/284yds
Colour B: 30g or 120m/131yds
Colour C: 60g or 240m/262yds

4mm (US 6), 100cm (40”) long circular needles (or size to obtain gauge)

Tapestry needle
1 Stitch marker

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