Why I love knitting socks!

Feet wearing Helen Stewart's, Curious Handmade, design The Simply Curious Socks in a teal yarn, with a pink flower in a white flowerpot in the background

You probably already know I love knitting socks; in this new video I go into some of the reasons they are one of my very favorite things to knit.
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Video Links

If this video has inspired you start knitting socks I have a free Beginner Sock Knitting Pattern & Workshop for my Simply Curious Socks:  (this is the pattern I am making in the video from Amble Yarn by The Fibre Company) )

Skein Sisters

Circus Tonic yarn

Winter Sleep Socks from Knitvent 2018

Merino Nylon dk  by Louie & Lola Yarns

Magnolia Socks from the very first Handmade Sock Society 

If you would like to learn more about my sock designs check out this post; A Short History of the Handmade Sock Society

All patterns have been released in the the fourth season of the Handmade Sock Society, you can find it in the below links 

The Handmade Sock Society 4 on Ravelry

The Handmade Sock Society 4 on Gumroad 

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