Knitvent 2020



Find comfort and joy in a season of secret patterns and simple pleasures this Knitvent. Together we’ll slow down, take stock, and celebrate finding our own happiness wherever it is hiding.

To create a beautiful holiday season, the only ingredients we really need are an extra bit of comfort and a healthy dose of joy. If these seem hard to come by in an anxious and distracted world, we’ll just have to make them for ourselves. A tray of homemade cookies cooling on the counter. A handwritten card for a far away friend. A basket of pretty yarn scraps by your favourite chair, destined to become a gift for someone dear.

The heady whirl of parties, parades, and shopping malls will be back soon enough. This year, the smallest things will matter most. This Knitvent, our six mystery patterns will bring us back to basics. Let’s distil the delight of the holidays into its purest form. Little comforts. New traditions. The quiet joys of home and hearth and handknit presents.

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The collection includes six delightful knitting patterns. It’s like peeking behind the window of an advent calendar to see what’s inside!

Level of pattern difficulty – adventurous beginner to intermediate.


Each year, the Curious Handmade community gathers together to revel in the excitement and fun of Knitvent. Mixing up the anticipation of opening up an Advent calendar with the surprises of a mystery knitalong, it’s a wonderful way to kick off the gift knitting season and make friends with generous knitters all around the world. For five festive weeks, you’ll get a series of secret knitting patterns delivered directly to your Ravelry library. Each one is designed to be a quick and satisfying knit: perfect as presents for your knitworthy loved ones or as well-deserved treats for yourself.

Over the last seven years, Knitvent has become a beloved tradition. Along with the six mystery patterns, you’ll discover a heartwarming sense of camaraderie, with all the encouragement, enthusiasm, fun, and advice to be found in the Curious Handmade Ravelry Group. Over on Instagram, the many gorgeous photos from other Knitventers offer so much inspiration, and you can join in by tagging your own posts with #knitvent2020. There’s a busy knitalong, special giveaways and friendly support to see you through the many nights of last-minute knitting that always seem to happen at this time, and a sense of togetherness that always lasts long into the new year. It really is a magical event, and we’d love to have you with us.

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