The Handmade Sock Society 4



The Handmade Sock Society 4 is a mystery pattern subscription club for anyone who loves socks, secrets, and making wonderful things in the company of other big-hearted knitters. With six mystery sock knitting patterns released over six months, it is an adventure in creativity and community.

The collection:

The fourth season of the Handmade Sock Society celebrates life lived close to the landscape, whether it’s just a few days’ escape from the city or a family tradition stretching back generations.

As makers, we know that slow living and slow work carry a beautiful paradox: it grounds us, and it frees us. It awakens our sensitivity to small details and the passing of time. It offers us a sense of endless possibility and shows us the pleasures of little rituals and routines repeated day after day.

Out in the middle of nowhere, your senses wake up. A cool breeze on your face for a few moments in the early morning gives way to the scents of lavender and eucalyptus as you brush past on your way up the hill. There’s the crunch of grass and gravel beneath your shoes, and the slow contented croon of chickens waking up. The rising sun makes quick work of a few lingering clouds, and suddenly, you can see for miles. If your heart is yearning for adventure, it’s waiting for you over the next rise. If you’d rather stay and potter in the garden all afternoon, there’s plenty to discover right here under your feet.

How it works:

The first mystery sock pattern of the season will be released in February 2021, with another pattern following each month until July. This is a nurturing, relaxed knitalong experience, open to knitters of every level. There’s no pressure to “keep up” with the crowd, and our warm and welcoming knitalong community is always available to help, encourage, and cheer you along the way. In past seasons we’ve had people casting on their very first sock with us, along with expert-level knitters who have been filling drawers with handmade socks for years and years.

The pattern difficulty will be between “intrepid beginner” and intermediate. You can expect some interesting stitch patterns, a touch of lace, a simple little cable or two, but care is taken to introduce new techniques with plenty of instruction, and there’s always someone waiting and willing to help you out if you get stuck.

So pack a rucksack and a picnic. Rummage in your stash and polish up your knitting needles. We’re going to the country.


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